Friday, September 24, 2010

Honda civic 2012 cars spy photo shoots released

Honda doesn't have to turbocharge the Civic Si, they just have to give us the JDM Civic Type-R as the Si and it would do great! Honda still has sporting intentions (just look at MotoGP, Indycar, and SuperGT) they just aren't giving it to the consumers who aren't buying it. Why do you think Honda's financial situation is so much better than that of American manufacturers or even Germany's. They know what will sell massive amounts of cars and produce that. With that said, hopefully they were able to see that the Civic Si doesn't offer the performance and excitement that the MS3 or GTI offer, so if they are going to market this car as a sport compact, they must give something like the Japanese Civic Type-R.
Regardless, Honda won't hand out crap either, so we can expect a well built, well engineered, reliable car with some sporting intent, and that's why the current Civic Si continues to sell despite being outperformed by its competition.
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