Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About Future Hot Cars Hybrid Electric

Cars 2025, we just have no idea what would the technology will be by then...
nowadays cars are not just a transport. it has become a way of living on the roads...
so, we are here to predict some awesome techno buzzes about our future cars, just 15years ahead.
irrespective of what would be the technology then, lets list a few points of our desires...


1.Pure Electric
Pure electric cars will be cheaper and efficient, it will be commercially available choice of any common man

Hybrid fuel cars are more like a luxury type which will have more power, range, torque and the performance will be based on its high tech computed assisted modes

Crossover fule cars are elite version, racing type cars. It will have multiple fuel modes, EF-CPU will decide and pull power from all the available fuel types and converge them to unleash blazing power

Transport Modes:
Govt will provide separate liceence auth code for different modes of transports

1.On road mode
Citizens who has a limited range of travel will be authorized only with "On road" license. Citizens who has to travel more than 100Kms/day will have to apply for a Hover Mode

2.Hover mode
Future cars will be in different flavors of specs and operation modes. People who has to travel more than 100kms/day in average will have to choose this option of licensing. Hover Cars are computer assisted, manual/auto GPS driven vehicles

3.Flight Mode
Flying cars are for long range travel. above 500kms to 1000kms. FLying cars are ATC authorized vehicles who will give access to fly in a specific air tracks.

Tech advancements:
So, in common all the modes of transport will have a higher grade of tech enhancements.

1.High bitrate 16Million and above color Night Vision windscreens
People can travel at night like in day

2.Travel Regulators
Irrate people has a tendency to bypass any traffic rules, to regulate all the traffic patterns, Travel Regulator gates will be posted on roads, air to funnel vehicles to pass through the gate one-by-one with specific delay and channels. Traffic reulators are Satellite controlled ports which will study the pattern of movement of vehicles from port to port and makes decision on every TR-Ports. if a vehicle's acceleration is at 10% higher on a track, the TR-Port will automatically divert that vehicle to a higher speed track on the next port switch. Any traffic violators will be force landed on nearby Traffic Ports.

3.Cloud Based Controllers
When a car is started, the CPU will connect to the Cloud based Controller will will offer a token to the machine to enable the drive mode. since then all the metrics of the car and video survielance of the car will be streamed to the server. in case of any accidents[which is not likely to occur] or any traffic violations the trial will be based on the analysis of the Logs. A car cannot be started and moved without authenticating from the cloud server.If your friend wants to take your car, you will have to authorize his license chip to your cloud controller.

4.Parking Laws
Parking laws will be the commercial part. you can park your cars anywhere. im in office means, my parking spot at home is free. if someone tries to park his car on my spot. i earn :) different cost parking spots will be delivered by augumented reality in the windscreen. When iam going home and if someones trying to park their cars on my spot i can deny their request. if they force park their car without my permission. their car will be locked down by their cloud controller and will be triggering a Police tow. so, options are there... still think before you act. parking spot owners owns the right to set cost of parking on their spot. for this, no citizen can own parking spot anwhere on earth if it is not on their owned space. say, i can own a parking spot in fron of your house. public parking spots will be cheaper.


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Maybe the cars will be better but I find this design horrible.